It has been fifteen years since the first issue of the Collection of Scientific Papers “Project Management and Development of Production”. It was the first Ukrainian commercial periodical dedicated to covering the results of theoretical and practical problem solving in project management and other questions related to this field. The academic journal has been established because there was an urgent need in such periodical. It was the time when project management began taking its own place as a field of professional activity. The first master degree works for obtaining “Project Management” were defended at that time. The graduates gained the qualification of program and project managers.  The “Project Management and Development of Production” 05.13.22 was included in to the list of scientific specialties. The certified program of International Project Management Association (IPMA) fully functioned in Ukraine. At the beginning of 2000 thirty certified experts worked in Ukraine. Those specialists held the positions of project managers, heads of chairs, principals of academic institutions, executives of the Supreme Council of Ukraine.

In fact Project Management, as a new methodology of innovations’ implementation, faced many problems in different areas of activity. In the first place there were professional and cultural problems connected with the national features as well as with the specific character of the transient period which Ukraine had at that time. Problem solutions could be found only in the results of scientific research studies. Those researches were published in professional periodicals as articles as well as they became available for reading for a big amount of users. The Collection of Scientific Papers “Project Management and Development of Production” became one of those academic field journals.

Over the period of journal existence 53 issues have been successfully published. A regular schedule and stable volume of issues confirm that the strategy of the academic journal was chosen correctly from the very beginning.  The foundation of the journal strategy is based on the principle of holistic approach for theoretical and practical problem solving. That is why “Project Management” articles and economic articles related to “Business Development Administration” are printed without separation into different rubrics. That is the academic journal’s fundamental difference comparing to other scientific periodicals.  Such method of approaching allows making efficient respond when some new research tendencies occur. Particularly, economic security research is one of these new tendencies and it can be considered as a condition of socio-economic system development. In recent years the resources of electronic channels of information dissemination have been significantly increased. On the one hand it led to the increase of the amount of electronic publications. On the other hand it has simplified the access to printed materials that are being duplicated in electronic space. The editorial board of the academic journal has chosen this way.  At the beginning of 2013 electronic versions of all scientific articles printed since the foundation of the academic journal appeared on the journals site and on the site of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine. However, electronic copies placement doesn’t guarantee an easy way to the articles. Therefore since the second half of 2013 the new requirements have been settled as for making up of articles, organization of articles, reviewing system. The reason of such actions is to let the authors’ of the articles gain a new value. This value is the dissemination of scientific works among a big amount of users located all over the world. The project of all these new requirements is available on the journals site as well as in the first 2013 issue of the journal.

Taking into account the fact that journals authors are different in their scientific interests and in their scientific maturity, it is planned to start publishing review articles and short reports about the most actual line of development. Besides it has become essential to start publishing new scientific literatures reviews in a new format for such publications as monographs, textbooks, tutorials. The reviews are written as articles and the reviewers make the analysis of the scientific journal as well as express their thoughts concerning the questions that are considered controversial.

The editors of the Collection of Scientific Papers hope that the scientific journal will become even more relevant not only in Ukraine and near abroad countries but will take the proper place among other scientific publications in academic world, owing to an active role of the authors of the journal in coverage of the creative methods of actual problem solving.




Doctor of technical Science, Professor, Honored worker of the Ukrainian Science and Technology,

Valentine Rach

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